Pre-defi­ned Node Lists

Sin­ce firm­ware ver­si­on 2.0 the CAN­touch has the pos­si­bi­li­ty to work with pre-defi­ned node lists. Nodes can now be named and so it is easier to refer the nodes and ID’s.
About pos­si­ble uses of this fea­ture is this arti­cle.

In file „“ you have the pos­si­bi­li­ty to defi­ne your node lists. You can use any text edi­tor for this but we sug­gest to use an edi­tor with “Code high­ligh­ter”. One opti­on can be the free soft­ware note­pad++.

The with the soft­ware­up­date deli­ve­r­ed file „“ has to be ren­a­med (dele­te “.tem­pla­te”). Wit­hin the file you find some pre-defi­ned lists that can be used as gui­de how to built your own list. The­se lists are deac­tiva­ted.
The ele­ment  cau­ses the CAN­touch to read and dis­play this list in the selec­tion field. CAN­touch can read up to 16 pre-defi­ned lists. But you can defi­ne more lists wit­hin the file. Plea­se don’t enab­le more than 16 lists, becau­se CAN­touch will igno­re them,

This is a short list how it is shown in Node­pad++.
This list uses the bus sys­tem CAN and has the name “Mes­se­kof­fer”, which is shown in the selec­tion field. Chan­ging is dis­abled, so the user can not edit the list. The green line on top is for docu­men­ta­ti­on only and has no influ­ence on how CAN­touch works with this list.

Plea­se find this pdf-file with all pos­si­ble set­tings.

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